Kind Words

Was lucky enough to attend a wedding planned by Ashley. words cannot express how beautiful everything looked- from the flowers, greenery, table settings, food selection, and especially the location. The attention to detail actually took my breath away. As a vegetarian and non drinker I was pleasantly surprised that care was taken to accommodate both. ( a first for both my husband and I! ) we felt included without feeling difficult or different. My level of expectations for weddings has been raised immensely because of Ashley's work. 

- Erika S (Guest)

Ashley, you are so good at what you do. You made my job easier as a DJ. I will definitely be using you as a reference.

- Jim N (DJ)

I am normally a diy’er, I pride myself on not hiring people to do things I can figure out myself. At some point in the planning of my daughter's wedding I realized I could use an extra set of hands and feet on the day of the event. That’s where New Paige Planning came in. The amount of time and energy and attention to detail was unlike anything I could have imagined. Brides may choose a personal attendant, but listen up mothers, you need Ashley! I would have missed so many special moments of the day with my daughter and been too exhausted to have any fun at all had it not been for my peace of mind. Ashley was there, taking care of every small detail. So many things I wouldn’t have thought of, she took care of it all. She is easy to work with, and a joy to be around. She communicated well with us, and the vendors. She kept the day moving along without making us feel rushed or worried. Her demeanor is calm, and she takes care of things without coming across as pushy or bossy, just really helpful. She was born to organize, and it is fun to see her in her sweet spot. Now that the day is over my only regret is not hiring her in the beginning. And she is easily worth double her cost. Wiggle the budget to save elsewhere, and put your money on peace of mind, the kind you can find with New Paige Planning!

- Rebecca T (MOTB)

First of all, I want to thank you for your help in putting together this incredible moody bohemian styled shoot at Black Beach. It came together perfectly, but it wouldn’t have been what it was without all of your hard work… Thank you again so much! I hope I get to work with you again soon! 

- Kaylyn K (Photographer)

My youngest just turned 18 and I wanted to have a fun birthday party to celebrate- without the planning. Ashley from New Paige Planning came up with a fun theme and pulled off a surprise birthday party! The theme was Hollywood and included a movie on the big screen. She coordinated the party rentals, food, decorations, invites, and set up. All the teens had a great time and I heard more than once how much fun it was. Best part, I also heard a couple of the teens talking about how they hope their parents did something like the party for their birthday. Win for me- very little work, lots of credit! Worth every penny! Thanks New Paige Planning!!

- Lori B (Client)

I really appreciate your organization, frequent and helpful communication, and clear directives. Super easy to make things run smoothly with such a well thought out plan. It made for an absolutely superb weekend.

- Cyrus M (Usher)

Ashley was super helpful and professional. She responded to all our questions swiftly and with great detail. The wife and I really appreciated her input and her expertise on the process which was something we were both very nervous about. She did a great job organizing the venue and made sure our destination wedding would have a wonderful videographer. She even helped us organize an after party. I couldn't be happier with our wedding and I owe a big part of that to New Paige Planning. Thank you!

- Bryan S (Groom)

I was so excited to plan a wedding and so confident in doing it all by myself. It was going well until COVID, when I was quickly overwhelmed by all the COVID related things. My desire to plan a wedding decreased as the stress increased - that is where Ashley came in. Ashley was AMAZING to work with. She quickly came to the rescue and got me back on track. Organized, efficient, thoughtful, and thorough - Ashley was more than I could have dreamed of for wedding planning help. I felt so much better knowing that someone was working with me to make sure I didn’t forget any of the little (or even the major) details. I was able to enjoy my wedding day so much more knowing my bases were covered as Ashley worked to make sure everything came together perfectly! So take it from someone who tried for months to convince herself and others she could do it all herself - a wedding planner IS necessary and I HIGHLY recommend New Paige Planning!

- Lexi I (Bride)

I personally have now done 4 weekends this season at MIA and from vendors planning and keeping to the timeline, I feel this was the best run one yet. Hats off to you and everyone else behind the scenes. Pleasure working with you and I hope we can again soon.

- Corey Q (Bartender)

This lady is amazing! She might not have been a wedding planner at the time of our wedding, but dang, we couldn’t have had such a perfect day without her. 

- Anika L (Bride- I was a PA)

If anyone is ever looking for a wedding planner, look no further! Ashley is FANTASTIC and born to do this job!! Even though we are very early in, she already has a timeline set of what needs to get done when, excel spreadsheets, venues, vendors, and ideas galore! I don’t even want to think about how we would have to do this without her, and I’m glad I don’t have to. She is the best of the best! 

- Lauren B (PA)

New Paige Planning made this photoshoot happen you guys. If you are in search of a wedding planner, she is the one!

- Ulyana L (Coffee Cart Vendor)

Thank you again for arranging a fabulous styled shoot. I can’t say that I have a ton of experiences with styled shoots in my career but this has by far been the best experiences for me… Thanks again! I had a fantastic time!

- Tess E (Photographer)