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Each flawlessly executed event requires organized details and professional event services. We are built on passion and thrive on creating a beautiful and stress free event for our clients. Allow us to guide you in creating a memorable day!

When I saw how talented and passionate Ashley was about wedding planning, I knew that I wanted to help. As I assisted her with weddings, I enjoyed the fast pace of the work and loved seeing the happiness and satisfaction from our clients. Now, I'm hooked and want to make every wedding that we're a part of as special as it can be. With a background in Criminal Justice and certifications in Basic Life Support and Emergency Medical Response, you can count on me to make sure that your wedding is as safe and fun as it can be.

Meet the team!

Riley | Day of assistant

I have always had a love for planning and hosting events, but I found a specific love for wedding planning while planning my own. I find excitement in helping others piece their ideas together to create memories that will last a lifetime. I want to assist others in celebrating the heartwarming and joyous occasions in their lives while making sure they have someone by their side who is just as eager as they are. Often, people become so stressed while planning an event, but I am here to take those tedious tasks off your hands so you can enjoy your event without worrying. I find pleasure in providing a fabulous experience for my clients and their guests.

Ashley | Owner/Lead Planner

- Lexi

Ashley was AMAZING to work with. She quickly came to the rescue and got me back on track. Organized, efficient, thoughtful and thorough - Ashley was more than I could have dreamed of for wedding planning help. I felt so much better knowing that she was working with me to make sure I didn't forget any of the little (or even the major) details. I was able to enjoy my wedding day so much more knowing my bases were covered as Ashley worked to make sure everything came together perfectly! So take it from someone who tried for months to convince herself and others she could do it all herself - a wedding planner IS necessary and I HIGHLY recommend New Paige Planning!

- Erika

Was lucky enough to attend a wedding planned by Ashley. Words cannot express how beautiful everything looked; from the flowers, greenery, table settings, food selection, and especially the location. The attention to detail took my breath away. As a vegetarian and non drinker, I was pleasantly surprised that care was taken to accommodate both (a first for both my husband and I!). We felt included without feeling difficult or different. My level of expectations for weddings has been raised immensely because of Ashley's work.

- Lori

My youngest just turned 18 and I wanted to have a fun birthday party to celebrate- without the planning. Ashley from New Paige Planning came up with a fun theme and pulled off a surprise birthday party! The theme was Hollywood and included a movie on the big screen. She coordinated the party rentals, food, decorations, invites and set up. All the teens had a great time and I heard more than once how much fun it was. Best part, I also heard a couple of the teens taking about how they hope their parents did something like the party for their birthday. Win for me - very little work, lots of credit! Worth every penny! Thanks New Paige Planning!!

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